Best Types of YouTube Videos to Get You Noticed

Building a name for yourself via social media is very simple these days. In fact, many YouTube sensations exist, and many stars made their debut on this popular video sharing social networking site. You, too, can benefit from the use of YouTube, if you upload videos people want to see and share.

Although you can upload any kind of video you choose to YouTube, it is best to pick a niche and stick to it for all your videos. At a minimum, keep the videos similar in nature and genre so you can build an audience who enjoys what you love. Some of the best videos you can upload to YouTube if you want to get noticed:

–    How-To: How-to videos are popular on YouTube because others want your expertise. Catch that latter word, and make sure that you are, indeed, an expert in the topic before creating a video.

–    Product Reveals: If you have the scoop on a new product, revealing it on YouTube is going to get plenty of views. Remember, however, most of these videos are short-lived.

–    Comedy: If you can make someone laugh, you have something good that you should hold on to. And, in this case, broadcast to the world.

–    Vlogs: A vlog is like a blog, only it is done in video fashion instead. You’ll have a great time creating a vlog, and fans will love watching your work.

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