Why You Need an External Hard Drive Case

Finding a good drive enclosure is a great way to protect the sensitive data that you store on your HDD station. Having an extra HDD laying around is a great way for getting some extra life out of it is and is as easy as putting it into an external hard drive case which you connect to your computer. Drive enclosures vary widely in their options like size, price, colors, available connections and other features.

Qualities to Look For

For most buyers who need a portable sled for their hard drive they won’t need anything special. For those who like special features Zalman’s model ZM-VE200/ZM-VE300 offers a digital display on the drive case, useful for giving information and features a one touch back up and locking setting. Some models like the one just mention come with the ability to work as a virtual optical disk drive which can mounted as virtual drive for media like DVD, CD, and Blu-ray.

external hard drive case

Choose the Best Design

A rugged design that offers simplicity and supports both 2.5″ drives and can accommodate SSD’s up to 9.5 mm tall like the Patriot Gauntlet which is also completely powered by a USB 3.0 connection. Backwards compatibility comes with this enclosure in case you don’t have USB 3.0 running on your system right now. For those who need a larger drive to be put to good use a Rosewill RX-358 supports SATA drives in the 3.5″ range and can connect to your PC through USB 3.0 or e SATA. Models like Rosewill come with blue LED lights you can turn if you like for a cool effect. The enclosure also can keep your drive reasonably cool thanks to the 80mm top-mounted fan! Most models on the market today are very affordable and will last you a long time.